2007 photos
credit: mary agnes mulligan
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Belfast's St. Patrick's Parade...
queers and all.

2006 photos
credit: andy humm

2005 photos
credit: mary agnes mulligan

lots of new faces in 2005

carlitos brings it

lavinia holds it

the sesiun rocks it

iq .. no half-measures of freedom

check back for photos from other events!


2004 photos

placards on parade

staci hits the streets (reuters photo)

more placards

mother of an irish queer sings a queerly rewritten version of "patriot game"

bloomberg oblivious, as usual (reuters photo)

malachy mccourt reads joyce's description of hell, as commentary on the AOH's misery of a parade

united 32s play educational queer punk trad.

ceol agus rince... kind of says it all.


kevin reads eva gore-booth poem about maeve and niamh.

mark makes a point (reuters photo)


2003 photos

irish queers and tripod at 56th st. & fifth ave.
irish queers tinker with tripod
cops demonstrate the proper way to brutalize non-violent protesters, throwing them face-first to the ground
cops congregate in the intersection, blocking traffic very effectively
jaded nyc drivers try to navigate around activists
irish queers get visible despite bigots' best efforts to erase us
cops drag a protester by the neck while others contemplate tripods
cops collapse tripod with activist still on top, dumping her off into mid-air -- now, who gets charged with reckless endangerment?
cops continue to block traffic after tripod is dismantled