10 things you can do
to support the whole nyc irish community

  1. Ireland's consul general in NY, Eugene Hutchinson, recently paid tribute to the parade saying "(it) would highlight the unique ties that bind NY and Ireland together."
    Ring the Irish consulate in NY and tell them that homophobia and discrimination isn't legal in Ireland and shouldn?t be legitimized in NY, and that the Irish government should not send a representative to the parade.

  2. Tell John Sweeney of the AFL-CIO that organized labors diversity demands solidarity with lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer people. Oppression is not acceptable and union participation in hate must end. Stop all unions from marching with bigots.


  3. Contact Ford Motor Company (corporate sponsors of the Parade) and ask why they are funding an exclusionary anti-queer event in NY on March 17th. Bigotry shouldn't be financed.
  4. Tell Mayor Bloomberg to stop marching in and financing a private discriminatory event with public funds for sanitation, private police security and insurance.
  5. WNBC broadcasts an exclusionary and homophobic parade. Bigotry shouldn't be televised. Tell WNBC that the Irish community isn't the narrow one they broadcast, show the diversity and stop the hate.
  6. Tell Cardinal Egan that the Catholic Church's participation in hate with the other Sons Of Sham on Patrick's Day is an abomination. Homophobia is the religion of cowards. (put a note in the collection basket on Sundays or contact the Archdiocese of New York
  7. Ask Senator Hillary Clinton how the company she keeps with the homophobic Ancient Order of Hibernians defines her character? What other events does she participate in that ban minority groups? (e.g. Any good cross burnings, men-only clubs, segregated lunch counters, anti-immigrant gatherings lately, or is anti-gay politicking the last acceptable hatefest?)
  8. Ask the high schools and colleges that participate how they justify discrimination of and violence towards queer youth.
  9. Contact your local media and tell them how discrimination creates violence against queers. Send a letter to the local NY Irish papers showing support for queer participation in the parade.
  10. Organize with Irish Queers. Check for meetings and events on this site.
  11. Don't support the parade! Don't go to it, don't credit it with celebrating Irishness" until it actually celebrates the Irish -- all of us. Tell others why you're not supporting it. Don't be silent in the face of hate.